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Ocoee Police Department Guardian Program

  1. Ocoee Police Department Guardian Program
  2. autism decal
  3. Guardian Program

    The Ocoee Police Department is pleased to offer a program to assist our citizens with special needs. The Guardian Program is designed to expedite the safe return of persons with special needs to their loved ones and provide valuable information during responses to their home. The program consists of a database that allows you to enroll and submit identifying information of the person and specify their special needs as well as any other instructions that can help our first responders better understand how to interact with them. Once the information you submit is received, it will be stored in a database visible only to Police personnel. The database will then become an additional tool to be used when first responders encounter someone who has been enrolled and in need of help, especially if that person is unable to verbally communicate. If at any time, you need to update or delete information about a previously entered individual, you may contact  Sergeant Beck at

    If you want to register for the program but do not wish to affix the decal to your home, simply fill out the form below and request zero decals. This will enable to flag the address in our dispatch system, so arriving officers will be aware that a person with autism lives in the home or is travelling in a vehicle.

  4. i.e., 646 Ocoee Commerce Pkwy
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  9. Potential to run away or elope?*
  10. If you would like to provide any information or attributes exhibited by your loved one that would benefit First Responders when interacting with them, please describe it above. i.e., medications, behaviors, likes or dislikes.
  11. i.e., 646 Ocoee Commerce Pkwy
  12. For emergency contact.
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  14. Please upload a current photo of the special needs person that will help Police easily identify them.
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