What are the City of Ocoee Utility Billing Rates?

The current rate schedule (PDF) was changed and put into effect in October 1, 2016.

How do I make my monthly service payments?

There are many different ways to make payments. Payments may be mailed, paid in person, placed in the night drop box in front of City Hall, automatically deducted monthly from checking or savings accounts, online, or by phone.

How do I find out where my vehicle has been towed?

You should contact the Ocoee Police Department Communications Division at 407-905-3160.

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater that has been transformed into a product that generally meets standards normally applied to drinking water. In addition to the advanced treatment process, reclaimed water must meet strict Florida Department of Environmental Protection Reclaim Standards for quality before it is provided to our customers.

It also takes the wastewater usage of 3 to 5 homes to produce enough reclaim to supply one home's daily irrigation demand. Thus, there are times when reclaim is unavailable because of treatment issues or high demands.

If your irrigation system appears not to be working, please contact the Utilities Department at 407-905-3159 to check reclaim availability.

Where should I install a smoke alarm?

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement. Many fatal fires begin late at night or in the early morning. For extra safety, install smoke alarms both inside and outside of sleeping areas.
Also, smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling or above eye level on the walls. Since smoke and many deadly gases rise, installing your smoke alarms at the proper level will provide you with the earliest warning possible. Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

What browsers are supported by the City of Ocoee's website?

We support the latest versions of all the major browsers.