Rules and Regulations 

The City Commission on March 3, 2013, unanimously approved amending of the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 124, which establishes the rules and regulation for the proper use of its parks, recreation facilities, athletic fields, playgrounds and other community resources.

For the safety and enjoyment of all park users, the following acts are prohibited when using city parks, recreation facilities or community facilities: 

1. Remaining in or using a park prior to it opens or after it closes. 

2. Consuming alcoholic beverages without permit. 

3. Creating any loud, unnecessary or disturbing noise. 

4. Damaging or removing plants or soil. 

5. Damaging, defacing, tampering or removing any facility, property, furnishing, or equipment.

6. Acts or conduct that endangers the safety of other users.

7. Possessing or consuming any beverage from glass containers. 

8. Engaging in or practicing the playing of golf. 

9. Harming or molesting animal life. 

10. Igniting fires, except in designated grills or fireplaces. 

11. Improperly using park structures, equipment and furnishings 

12. Launching or operating aircraft, radio-controlled model airplanes, etc. 

13. Riding a bicycle, skateboard, rollerblades or similar devices in undesignated areas. 

14. Driving or parking vehicles on lawns or other areas not maintained for vehicle travel. 

15. Unauthorized selling of goods, wares, merchandise, foodstuff, refreshments or other kinds of property or services. 

16. Smoking within any portion of recreational property whenever an organized youth activity is taking place or within 30 feet of a playground. 

17. Allowing dogs off leash or not properly removing pet excrement.

The above rules are only key requirements of the Rules and Regulations that govern the use of parks, recreation facilities, and community facilities; a complete listing is available by clicking here.