Wastewater Force Main Connector

Current Status

Adding sewer service to the Downtown Ocoee area will require a new connection to the wastewater treatment plant on AD Mims Road. This connection is being constructed as a wastewater force main to which the Downtown Gravity Sewer System will attach. Through prior construction and existing service lines, the Wastewater Force Main Connector will also provide additional service to the area of the city south of SR 50. Construction of the Wastewater Force Main project is underway now at a cost of $2,875,000. The connector will extend along AD Mims Road to the north side of the Bluford Avenue approach to Silver Star Road. The Bluford Avenue Reconstruction project will install the final segment of the wastewater connector pipeline in 2018 and make sanitary sewer service in the Downtown Ocoee area possible.

Wastewater Force Main Connector Graphic