Capital Investment Program

Development of a five-year Capital Investment Program (PDF) is part of the annual budget development process mandated by the City Charter. In order to better coordinate the CIP budget with the Capital Improvement Element (PDF) of the city's comprehensive plan, the City Planner in the Development Services Department is responsible for creating and updating the CIP plan. The adopted capital project budget is included in the city's overall Annual Budget which can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's office.

Funds for capital projects are allocated to the department that has responsibility for the related type of work. Projects may be managed and/or inspected by other departments, however, depending on the nature of the work and available resources. For example, the Utilities Department typically manages capital projects related to commercial and residential developments or are funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. Similarly, the Public Works Department often manages capital projects related to city streets and storm water systems, the Support Services Department handles capital projects for the Parks & Recreation Department, and the Utilities Department will manage projects related to extending the city's drinking water, irrigation water, and sanitary sewer systems. For more information on their work programs, please refer to the web pages for these units of city government.

South Bluford Drainage and Roadway Improvements

Construction has been completed on this project. This added a northbound right-turn lane from Orlando Avenue to Delaware Street, reconstructed the South Bluford and Orlando Avenue intersection, added stormwater management facilities, and installed underground water and sewer utility pipes. One of the installed sewer pipes will become a segment of the Wastewater Force Main Connector providing service to the Downtown Ocoee area.

Western Force Main

The Western Force Main is under construction and a bid was awarded October 4, 2016. It's a sanitary sewer system intended to take flow off the current SR 50 force main and route it north along Maguire Road, through the Ocoee downtown area, and on to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on AD Mims Road. This job is in connection with sanitary sewer work now being done as part of Florida DOT SR 50 road widening project. This project is a key precursor to Ocoee's downtown redevelopment program.

Bluford Utilities

The Bluford Utilities Project consists of the installation of a potable water main and a dry sanitary sewer main to be put into service between Columbus Street and Silver Star Road. The sanitary sewer requires the completion of the Western Force Main before it can be put into operation. Some underground piping was installed as part of the South Bluford Avenue project. The remaining project is being designed and is approximately 90% complete. Work will be delayed until the Bluford streetscape project’s construction can move forward.

Ocoee Downtown Design Code

Ocoee's downtown design code is a zoning overlay that has been developed to provide a more urban design basis for future downtown Ocoee development. The City Commission adopted the design code in the Fall of 2016.

Bluford Avenue Reconstruction

This project is under development. This project, which is a roadway landscaping project, is intended to address the appearance of Bluford Avenue from Delaware Street to Silver Star Road. Construction work cannot proceed until financing has been secured. In order to leverage utility construction funding, streetscape installation will have to be part of the restoration phase of the Bluford Utilities project.

Downtown Redevelopment Plan

The Downtown Redevelopment Plan is a model for guiding private development decisions and public infrastructure investments in the downtown Ocoee area. The City Commission endorsed 18 capital projects (PDF) recommended in the Downtown Redevelopment Plan; the plan was adopted by the City Commission on October 18th, 2016. This plan resulted in a list of public infrastructure projects to be included in a future city bond financing effort. An initial public input hearing, the Ocoee Downtown Plan Kickoff Meeting (PDF), was conducted on March 14, 2016 at the Ocoee Lakeshore Center. This event was broadcast live on Ocoee’s cable TV channel, Spectrum/BrightHouse channel 493. The archived video can be found on the City's YouTube page. Outreach efforts also included citizen walking tours of the downtown area, subsequent public meetings, and social media campaign.

Maine Street Extension

The Maine Street extension is a roadway addition that will extend the present route of Maine Street west from Bluford Avenue to intersect Maguire Road. The ROW needed for this project has been acquired and the design and construction plans have been completed; the city is currently trying to hire a construction contractor to undertake the work.

SR 50 Road Widening Project

In addition to these city-funded projects, Ocoee is also an active participant in the SR 50 road widening project being funded by the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Ocoee.