The Patrol Division is organized into Patrol squads each supervised in the field by a Corporal and a Sergeant. The Patrol Division is divided into 2 rotations, consisting of a day squad and a night squad, with each rotation managed by a Patrol Lieutenant who answers directly to the Chief of Police.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is also under the command of a Patrol Lieutenant. The Traffic Division is a squad consisting of a Sergeant and 3 officers devoted solely to traffic enforcement and the handling of traffic accidents. Special assignments within the Traffic Division include 2 Motorcycle Units, a DUI Prevention Unit and an Aggressive Driving Prevention Unit.

School Crossing Guards

There are also school crossing guards assigned (PDF) to assist the safe journeys of our school children to school.

K9 Unit

The Ocoee Police K9 Unit is also under the Patrol Division. The K9 Team consists of 2 Officer Handlers and 2 Police K9s trained in tracking of suspects or lost children, and detection of narcotics.

The Traffic and K9 units also participate in public relations efforts, by providing demonstrations at public events to provide education to the public.