Ocoee TV

Streaming Video

The City of Ocoee broadcasts the City Commission meeting, Code Enforcement meeting, and the Planning and Zoning meeting on Tuesdays and streams previous meetings based on our TV schedule (PDF). Our broadcast can be viewed on Spectrum Channel 493 within the City of Ocoee or online from anywhere. If you want to receive alerts when we post new video content, please visit the "Notify Me" page and sign up for notifications. You may also visit our Facebook page and sign up for alerts when we make posts there. Don't miss our continuous broadcast right here on this website 24 hours a day and if you would like to view our archive on our Ocoee TV YouTube Channel. Our updated TV Schedule (PDF) has all the latest times for viewing the broadcast on Spectrum channel 493 where we also broadcast special events such as the Christmas Parade, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration and many other events.

  1. OCOEE TV Spectrum Channel 493 Televised Meetings Schedule
    Ocoee City Commission Meetings
    Live Meeting Broadcast 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month 6:15 PM
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 4:00 AM
    Monday & Friday 8:00 AM
    Monday through Sunday 12:00PM
    Monday through Sunday 7:00 PM

    REPEAT of previous month’s Commission Meeting

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 12:00AM

    Code Enforcement Board Meetings

    Live Meeting Broadcast on the 4th Tuesday of the Month 7:00 PM
    Monday & Friday 4:00 AM
    Wednesday & Sunday 8:00 AM
    Tuesday,Thursday& Saturday 4:30 PM 12:00AM 6:30 PM 4:00 AM 8:00 AM 3:00 PM
    REPEAT of previous month’s Code Enforcement Meetings
    Tuesday & Saturday
    Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
    Live Broadcast Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month
    Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
    REPEAT of previous month’s P&Z Meeting
    Thursday 12:00AM