Garage Sale Permits

If you are planning to have a garage sale within the city limits of Ocoee, please review the following information.

A Garage Sale Permit is required per City Ordinance Chapter 82. Applications are available at the Water / Utility Counter at City Hall located at:
1 N. Bluford Ave.
Ocoee, FL 34761

Garage Sale Fees

Type of Property OwnerCost Per Garage SaleNumber of Signs GivenNumber of Limited Garage Sales Per Calendar Year
Homeowner$42 - Up to 2 additional garage sale signs may be purchased at the cost of $2 each3*
Homeowner's Association$50N/A2*

* Ordinance states: 82-3. Duration; frequency. [Amended 3-19-2002 by Ordinance. No. 2002-07] "It shall be a violation of this chapter for garage sales to extend more than 48 hours or to be conducted more than once every 4 months on any single lot, parcel or tract of land. However, a neighborhood garage sale shall not prohibit a lot owner within that neighborhood or subdivision from conducting a garage sale within 4 months following the neighborhood garage sale unless that person is prohibited from conduction a garage sale pursuant to § 82-5."

Sign Placement

For information on where to place the garage sale signs, please reference the City of Ocoee's Land Development Code 
 Section VIII -7C-4

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the garage sale process, please contact Utility Billing by calling 407-905-3191.