Planning & Zoning Division

New Planning Applications and plan submitting can be made through our online SAGE program, by going to and logging in, or creating a new account. Instructions for SAGE can be found by clicking SAGE Planning How To Application New Submittal or SAGE Planning How To Application Resubmittal, or calling (407) 905-3157.

The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for coordinating growth management by meeting regularly with developers and the general public to review growth-related issues affecting the future urban pattern of the community, as well as ensuring that all development within the city conforms to the Land Development Code and state growth management laws to ensure the highest quality of life for the citizens of Ocoee.

The zoning regulations for Ocoee are declared to be necessary to promote the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the City of Ocoee by dividing the city into zones regulating therein the use of land and the use and size of buildings as to height and the number of stories, the coverage of land by buildings, the size of yards and open spaces, the location of buildings and the density of population in accordance with the City of Ocoee's Comprehensive Plan.

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code is designed to:

  • Lessen congestion in the streets
  • Secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers
  • Provide adequate light and air
  • Prevent the overcrowding of land
  • Avoid undue concentration of population
  • Facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, wastewater, schools, parks and other public requirements

They have been made with reasonable consideration, among other things, as to the character of the district and its peculiar suitability for particular uses, and with a view to conserving the value of building and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the community.

Article V of the Land Development Code provides zoning regulations for the city.

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