Reclaimed Water

Thank you for your interest in reclaimed water! The use of reclaimed water saves nearly 1 million gallons of drinking water in the City of Ocoee each day. It is a safe and beneficial irrigation source for grass, plants, and vegetation.


The following are resources with information for residents that already have a separate irrigation meter in place for the reclaim transition and also for residents that do not already have an irrigation meter:

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Transition to Reclaim Water

Review the following information about reclaimed water, execute and return the Reclaim Acknowledgement Form (PDF) (current Ocoee utility customers) or Reclaim Utility Customer Service Form (PDF) (current Orange County utility customers) to the Utility Billing and Customer Service counter, and schedule a cross-connection inspection.

You may also mail the form to:
Utility Billing Counter
ATTN: Reclaimed Water Service
P.O. Box 70
Ocoee, FL 34761

Please Note

Service cannot be turned on at a home until the applicable reclaim form has been received by the Utilities Department, and if necessary, an account has been established with the Utility Counter.

Any questions about reclaim hookup and service can be directed to the Utilities Department at 407-905-3159 for more information.