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Bill Breeze Park & Gazebo


  1. Gazebo
  2. Open Play Area
  3. Restrooms
  4. Veteran's Memorial
Gazebo Rental
  • Residents - $20/hour
  • Non-Residents - $25/hour

Gazebo rental times are all day Monday through Thursday and Fridays until 3:00 p.m. For more information 407-877-5803.

Bill Breeze Park Rental
Our Bill Breeze Park rental offers renters exclusive use of Bill Breeze Park and includes exclusive use of Gazebo. A special events permit is required for this permit. 

  • Residents - $1,200/Day
  • Non-Residents - $1,500/Day 
If rented with the Event Center
  • Residents - $200/Day
  • Non-Residents - $250/Day
Special Permits & Fees
Individuals, groups or organizations requesting the exclusive use of Bill Breeze Park may do so only with the issuance of a Special Event Permit and shall also be responsible  for paying the fees associated with any facilities that may be used in association with their event.

Report Damage
Help us keep your parks safe. Please report any damaged equipment or graffiti to the Parks and Recreation Department at 407-877-5803. Report any suspicious behavior at any City Park to the Ocoee Police Department at 407-905-3160.