City Hall Relocation

Current Status

: Negotiations are underway with Zyscovich, Inc., the top-ranked design firm identified by the City Commission. A proposed contract for developing the design criteria package that will be used to secure the design-build services needed for construction should be ready for presentation to the City Commission at their July 18 meeting.

The City Hall Relocation Project will cost an estimated $9,000,000 coming from the general bond funds. The existing Ocoee City Hall is undergoing structural stress as a result of its location near Starke Lake. In addition, City Hall staff is spread across two buildings, which reduces operational efficiency. The City Hall will be moved to city-owned property at the northeast corner of Bluford Avenue and McKey Street to serve as a bridge from the private commercial and residential spaces of the downtown area and the enhanced public spaces of the Lakeshore Center. This single structure will house all of the City Hall staff and provide ground floor spaces for retail and food services.

General Fund Capital Bond Construction Schedule

Using the "design-build" method with bridging the design criteria package will include detailed drawings from the design-build firm to decide most structural elements. Some land acquisition will be required.
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