Master Downtown Stormwater System

$8,180,000, $180,000 in general bond funds and $8,000,000 in stormwater bond funds. Construction of a large stormwater storage and treatment facility—essentially, a small lake—to serve the downtown area offers two major benefits.  First, it relieves new development in the service area from having to separately deal with stormwater on each parcel, thereby allowing greater densities and flexibility of development.  Developers will instead pay their fair-share portion of the facility’s cost.  Second, it serves as a major gateway water feature that offers additional recreational and park areas that extend the benefits of Starke Lake into the city core.   This project will also improve a small creek runs that along the northern boundary of the City Hall property.  The proposed project area is from Bluford Avenue to Starke Lake and will turn what is little more than a drainage ditch into a major water facility for passive recreational use. More natural creek banks, enhanced landscaping, walking paths, and park furniture will be provided.  Some acquisition of adjacent property will be required to treat both banks of the creek.

General Fund Capital Bond Construction Schedule

Conceptual planning work has already begun; extended construction time reflects initial core system construction & subsequent pipeline installation as part of several roadway projects
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