Road Closure

South Bluford Avenue Road Closed until August 2016

Construction is underway on stormwater and roadway improvements at the intersection of South Bluford Avenue and Orlando Avenue. This project will address a longstanding drainage issue at the intersection and provide a wider roadway from Orlando Avenue to Delaware Street.

 Traffic is being rerouted off South Bluford Avenue to Maguire Road between West Geneva Street and West McKey Street, as shown above. Traffic on Orlando Avenue can reach Bluford Avenue via Lakewood Avenue. It is expected that the current road closure and detour will be in place until August 2016. Updates on road closures and detours will be provided as the project progresses.

Bluford Avenue Stormwater and Utility Improvements Project – Description of Work:

The construction work limits include Bluford Avenue, Orlando Avenue, Delaware Street, 7th Street, and Lakewood Avenue.

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The stormwater improvements include construction of approximately 2,000 linear feet of drainage collection system serving numerous inlet catch basins and stormwater management facilities to meet the State and Federal regulations. The Utility Department has included substantial water and wastewater improvements in this project. The water system upgrades include 4-, 6-, 8-, and and 12-inch mains to serve the areas along Bluford Avenue and other streets in the project area. In addition, a new 16” wastewater force main is being constructed within this portion to prepare for future sanitary sewer collection service. The intersection of Bluford Avenue and Orlando Avenue will be completely upgraded with stormwater collection facilities and brick paver highlights.

The construction cost is approximately $1,425,549 with contributions from the city’s Public Works Department, Stormwater Utility, and Utility Department. The planned final completion date is August 18, 2016. The current schedule is to complete the underground portion for water and wastewater systems March 2016. The stormwater facilities are to be completed in May 2016, and the Roadway features are to be completed in August 2016.