MVP Grant Recipient Obligations


Each recipient is encouraged to have a kick-off event to publicize the project and to recruit additional neighborhood / organization involvement. Groups are encouraged to invite residents, community partners, and the City Commission.

In order to document each phase of a project, grant recipients should provide color photos, newsletter articles, newspaper clippings, etc. These will be used to highlight the projects in various publications.

Final Report

Once the grant is awarded and then completed, there is a standardized Final Report Form, which the grant recipients must complete. Corresponding receipts, invoices, and other paperwork must accompany the form to provide a complete financial accounting.


The MVP Awards Program is designed to provide a one-time grant for projects that can be completed within the grant period. Any programs designed to be ongoing need to identify other funding sources to continue the program after the first year. Applications may be submitted for phased projects. However; each phase must be such that it can stand on its own since funds cannot be guaranteed for subsequent years.

Applicants may not be awarded a second grant until their first project has been successfully completed and a satisfactory Final Report is provided to the city.