Forms, Licenses & Permits

  1. Building Applications & Forms

    Permits are required before doing many types of work. If you are unsure about permit requirements, please contact the Building Division at 407-905-3104.

  2. Building & Engineering Inspections

    Building Division inspections are conducted on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

  3. Business Taxes

    If you are a new business planning to operate in the City of Ocoee, you must file an application for a local business tax (LBT) before operating.

  4. Citizen Support Center

    Submit your requests to the City of Ocoee.

  5. Engineering Standards

    Obtain engineering standard documents.

  6. Forms (Document Center)

    Find forms and documents by City Department.

  7. Movie Production Permits

    No person shall advertise, engage in, participate in or start any motion-photography production unless a production permit shall 1st be obtained from the Building Official in accordance with the Code of Ordinances Chapter 111.

  8. Right-of-Way Permitting

    City right-of-way utilization permits are required for the use of public streets, rights-of-way and easements, which are owned by the city for the excavation, construction, installation, or maintenance of any public or private utility, roadway, street or any other facility, structure, driveway, culvert, drainage system, pavement, easement or object in such streets, rights-of-way and easement of the city.

  9. Special Events Permits

    If you are planning any type of activity like a parade, assembly, show, exhibition or rally you will need a Special Events Permit.

  10. Utility Engineering Standards

    Discover how to schedule an inspection and view engineering / utility inspection resources.