Guidelines & Requirements


Besides being an eligible neighborhood / organization and having an eligible project, applicants must have the support of their general membership. For formal associations or organizations, this means a vote to approve the grant application before submitting it. Minutes reflecting the vote must accompany the application as well as incorporation papers. For groups who are not formally organized, a petition is required with two-thirds of the homeowners/organization members signing in approval of the project.


The applicant must create a Project Team consisting of at least 4 members. The purpose of this team is to plan, manage, and ensure the project's completion if awarded a grant. The team must have a Project Leader and should have a Historian, a Report Coordinator, and a Partner / Volunteer Coordinator.

Team Member Duties

  • The Project Leader serves as chairman of the team.
  • The Historian is responsible for ensuring that photographs are taken to describe the project from beginning to end.
  • The Report Coordinator completes reports under the direction and assistance of the Project Team.
  • The Partner / Volunteer Coordinator makes sure that the partners are invited to project activities and kept informed of progress, and keeps track of partner in-kind services and project volunteer hours.

Other team members may include "work day" managers or research people.