Eligible Neighborhoods / Organizations

Neighborhoods, civic clubs, religious groups, and other organizations may apply as long as they can demonstrate that their project provides a benefit to the community. These groups should be located in Ocoee and serve the Ocoee community.

Groups without a formal structure should actively seek to include all relevant individuals. A minimum of 7 residents must participate in the Most Valuable Partnership (MVP) Awards project. A petition must be circulated for those groups without a formal association.

Eligible Projects

Projects should benefit a certain segment of the population in Ocoee whether it be a neighborhood or other group. Neighborhood residents or organization members should be directly involved in all phases. Projects should be completed within 6 months of funding. Grant funds may not be used to supplement regular operating budgets.

MVP Awards projects will be conducted in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Applicants having projects involving public property must receive written permission from the appropriate government agency. Those projects involving private property must have the written permission of the property owners involved. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to obtain required permits.

Homeowner Associations

All organized homeowners association applications must have an IRS W-9 Form on file with the Finance Department. Any application that does not have an organized homeowners association may still apply for the MVP Grant; however, all purchases will be made by the City of Ocoee and follow the City of Ocoee Purchasing Policy.