Application Criteria


The Community Grant Review Board will review each individual application according to a predetermined set of criteria. That criteria includes:

  • Whether the application provides sufficient information.
  • Whether that application has recently received a community grant.
  • Whether the organization has formally supported the application through a vote taken at one of their meetings.
  • How many members of the applicant organization live in Ocoee.
  • How many clients of the applicant organization live in Ocoee.
  • What other fundraising efforts has the organization used besides this grant process to gain funding for this purpose?
  • Whether the organization volunteers in the community on a regular basis, or whether they are willing to volunteer their time outside of that which is dedicated to benefit their own organization.
  • What accomplishments their organization has made over the past 24 months.
  • The merits of the specific purpose of the grant in so far as it is important to the Ocoee community as a whole versus the benefits to the organization or individual members or clients of the organization.