Public Records Requests

It is the procedure of the City of Ocoee that all municipal records, with the exception of exempted records identified by Florida Statutes 119.07, or other applicable sections of Florida Statutes, shall be open for personal inspection by any person.

How to Request Records
To request copies of public records of the City of Ocoee (that are unavailable from the website), please contact the Ocoee City Clerk's Office at 407-905-3105 or via email.

Copy Fee Schedule
Upon request, the city will furnish copies of public records based on the following fee schedule:
Type of Copy
Single-sided copies, up to 8 x 14 inches $0.15 each
Double-sided copies, up to 8 x 14 inches $0.20 each
Color copies, up to 8 " x 14" $0.20 each
Larger size copies Based on actual cost of duplication
Certified copy of a public record $1.00 in addition to actual copy cost
Duplicate of video tape $1.50
Duplicate of DVD $1.50
Mail items
Cost of postage and $2.50 handling fee

Payment Options
Payments to the City of Ocoee must be made by cash, check or money order. At this time credit cards are not accepted as payment for copies of public records.