March 2018 General Municipal Election Results

An election was held Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in the City of Ocoee for the purpose of electing two City Commissioners for three year terms, one (1) Commissioner from District Two and one (1) Commissioner from District Four and for voting on referendum ballot questions regarding changes to the City Charter.

Official Election Results*:
*For the most updated information, please see Orange County Supervisor of Elections 2018 Municipal Election Results (PDF)

District #2 Commissioner

  • Robert Rivera                                      193 votes                 24.90% 
  • Rosemary Wilsen (Incumbent)         582 votes                75.10%

District #4 Commissioner

  • Joel F. Keller (Incumbent)                    328 votes                47.06%  
  • George Oliver III                                 369 votes                52.94%

All Districts (City-wide)

  • Question # 1 - # 8  All Charter Amendments approved by majority vote
Charter Amendment Questions - English and Spanish (PDF)

Candidate and financial report information will be posted as they are filed with the City Clerk.

Campaign Treasurer's Report Summary:

District #2 Commissioner Candidates
Robert Rivera - G1 (PDF) , G1 Amendment (PDF), G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF), TRG (PDF), TRG Amendment (PDF)
Rosemary Wilsen - G1 (PDF), G1 Amendment (PDF), G2 (PDF), G2 Amendment (PDF), G3 (PDF), TRG (PDF)

District #4 Commissioner Candidates
Joel F. Keller - G1 (PDF), G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF), TRG (PDF)
George Oliver III - G1 (PDF) , G1 Amendment (PDF), G1 Amendment 2 (PDF), G2 (PDF),G3 (PDF), G3 Amendment (PDF), TRG (PDF)